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With this Wearable Drum  Kit Your Body Becomes a Backing Band

"Your body becomes a backing tap out whatever music you fancy, and there's no need to carry around heavy equipment."

DrumPants Put a Whole Band in Your Pocket.
Jokes aside, DrumPants really do let wearers compose and play music anywhere they want.
DrumPants Puts MIDI In Your Pocket.
Freeman controls Moog's powerful iOS synthesizer Animoog with his DrumPants
Body Rock: The Art and Science of Wearable Instruments
The future of music may not be in traditional instruments.
Say it with style... say it with DrumPants
Say it with style, say it with DrumPants!
Here are some rad things DrumPants can do...
The Futurist: Top 5 tech trends for 2014
Top 5 Tech Trends for 2014
Hackers show off Google Glass ‘instruments’ and ‘drumpants’
DrumPants were a tough act to follow.
Modern Instruments for DJs and Producers
We were skeptical at first, but drummers seem to really be enthused on the project – and since it sends MIDI, you can use it to control any sound you like.
DrumPants Puts Industrial-Strength MIDI Control In Your Pants
DrumPants have the advantage of being both inexpensive and wearable.
DrumPants will turn you into a human drum kit
The wearable sensors do offer some additional uses beyond tapping out a tune.
Wearable drum pads that you can put over or under your pants or any other piece of clothing.
Drumpants Put An Electronic Drum Set In Your Trousers
Simply tap on the corresponding control sensor to trigger individual percussion sounds just like a standard pair of electronic drums. Easy.
Allowing everyone to literally march to the beat of their own drum.
DrumPants: Wearable Tech for Drummers
Many in the tech industry have been describing wearables as the next new big technological wave. I’m excited to see drumming/percussion as a part of this developing trend.
DrumPants Wearable Drum Pads: Your Body is a Drummer’s Land - See more at:
Your body is a drummer's land.
I Can’t Decide If Drum Pants Are the Dumbest or Most Brilliant Idea
Now that my dreams are being actualized I may not be able to handle it.
DrumPants Turn Your WHOLE BODY Into A Musical Instrument
The fact that they are backed by a process [design thinking] gives them the extra boost from 'fun idea' to 'viable business.